Winter White Gonk with LED

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Gonk or Gnomes, what do you call them? In Scotland, these are called Gonks... and I've recently discovered that the difference between a Gonk and a Gnome (in scotland anyway) is that Gnomes are in the garden and Gonks are in the house or "hoose", so now we know 😀.

(Thanks to one of my local visitors for clearing this up)

It's not often I choose pieces for Tinsel & Tartan that have batteries, dancing/shouting Santa's are not for me, I prefer more traditional, nostalgic items....but how could I resist this wee fella? Sporting a truly fantastic beard and all cosy in his tall woolen sparkly white hat, who could?

He's simply soooo sweet, and just when you think he couldn't get any cuter-he lights up! Such a warm wee glow too, it's as pretty and soothing as candlelight and I think he would make a lovely wee nightlight too.

He takes a small battery which is supplied and measuring approximately 17cm x 9cm, this chap is all ready for his travels.