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In a wee pub in Burntisland, on the Fife coast of Scotland, there was a small group of knitters who would meet in the pub and blether ...and knit. These ladies got to talking about childhood toys and came up with the idea to create a Scottish version of an old favourite. And lo and behold the Scgolies were born!

When Fiona, Morag and Margaret first visited me in Tinsel & Tartan, and introduced me to Scgoli, I admit I was confused, I liked his wee kilt and sporran, and I loved his ginger hair, but I couldn’t understand why he was blue. The answer was obvious really “he’s blue because he’s freezing cold!” explained Morag.... of course he’s freezing, he’s from Fife.

So as simple as that, another wee special addition was added to Tinsel & Tartan, my Scgolies have travelled the world and have photos posted on their very own Facebook and Instagram pages #giveascgoliahome. Each Scgoli comes with his own special book which tells his story and even explains what keeps him warm under his kilt!

If you decide to adopt a Scgoli, remember to upload a photo of him in his new hometown and please keep your Scgoli happy by remembering to take him everywhere you go, they love to travel and share their adventures with each other.

Each Scogli comes with the Scogli book (not sold separately)